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  • 1rc1

    8 months ago

    How to you worship a man still wearing clothing? Rip and strip,

  • gugugu

    9 years ago

    what's the cause of his death?...what a loss... that's what a probably the memories of that boy to him....

  • a1locjaw

    11 years ago

    Wow!! I never pictured myself as a worshipper until I saw this video! Holy crap the muscle guy is hot and he's getting turned on, getting hard and having a few tugs at his dick... boy, would I enjoy being in that heat with him... dang, would I enjoy shooting my load with him!

  • dokkie

    12 years ago

    too old.....

  • Chinsumo

    12 years ago

    That was great. Anymore?

  • AssGrabbersDelight

    12 years ago

    he likes it 'cause the package is growing lol

  • muscleman89

    12 years ago

    hmmm, another one in denial

  • mayena

    12 years ago

    Rip stones was one of the subjects of the documentary Shooting Porn (1997) the behind the scenes of gay porn. Claimed he was fully 'straight' only did this because it paid far more better what a man could earn in straight porn.