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MatCZ Avatar

HUUUGE! Sexy monster!

by MatCZ (1 week ago)
housedj Avatar

This is an awesome remix of this video that I have saved on youtube...I love watching it in slow motion!!

by housedj (1 week ago)
mayena Avatar

Egyptian bodybuilder Hassan Mostafa.

by mayena (1 week ago)
patrick_826461 Avatar

He has another jerk off clip on my video album.

by patrick_826461 (1 week ago)
BberVsBber Avatar

OH WOW!! Complete MUSCLEBEAST! Would love to see him and another BEAST in a muscle vs muscle erotic battle. You know, a little worshipping, then strength tests; arm-wrestling, wrestling, fullnelsons ....etc, ending in a pec-to-pec BEARHUG!!. All to see which is truly the stronger musclebeast. First time I saw my ex and another bber in a bearhug? I shot WITHOUT TOUCHING ANYTHING!!! (No joke)

by BberVsBber (1 week ago)
trojanboy Avatar

Oh yummy

by trojanboy (1 week ago)
famoustim Avatar

What a perfect, beautiful muscleman!

by famoustim (1 week ago)