Greg Grove on the beach

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  • PornoStuff1

    2 years ago

    If only he'd remained this size...

  • schs1977

    6 years ago

    Hot then, not now. He is fat and bloated and too many tatoos

  • muscleg

    9 years ago

    not as hot as he use to be....

  • FLL4122

    10 years ago

    He's really gone to seed

  • bruceK

    10 years ago

    Have you seen him of late(2010) too many tats, no balls ,and getting bear like...not so hot anymore

  • apeman

    10 years ago

    HES SO C U T E


    12 years ago

    Ditto. Age has been good to Matthew aka Greg.

  • n2hotmen

    13 years ago

    Matt has just gotten better with age!

  • TonySilva

    13 years ago

    A young, young Matthew Rush!