Backstage pumproom

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Bodybuilder getting oiled flexing backstage

I wish he would do that without his posers on.

by (1 month ago)
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bibearfan Avatar

Reminds me of Ronny Rockel. What a body!

by bibearfan (4 years ago)
bbwannab Avatar

Mike Lackner! Awesome Collegiate Bodybuilder!!!

by bbwannab (7 years ago)
mayena Avatar

This clip is from a 1998 competition were won 1st place in the heavyweight division.

by mayena (7 years ago)
BigQuads Avatar

This is Mike Lackner - whatever happened to him?

by BigQuads (7 years ago)
MuscleDave2007 Avatar

AWESOME! Bow down!

by MuscleDave2007 (7 years ago)