Aussie stripper Nath Wyld

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  • muslnicknj

    5 years ago

    Oh man the things I could do to that ass. It is perfect.

  • xbuzzerx

    5 years ago

    Whoever thinks Nath is GAY 4 PAY (I have not seen a convincing STRAIGHT guy doing gay porn to this day) needs his gaydar fixed pronto. I love seeing an attractive guy fulfilling the sexual needs of an unattractive guy (imo) so this is heaven :)

  • gremlin8

    5 years ago

    I would not say that the act is much of a turn on, but he looks good in that uniform.

  • RobRossiFan

    5 years ago

    this is so fake and gay-for-pay
    can it turn somebody on?


    3 years ago

    it turns me on