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  • mecos

    7 months ago

    I'd bounce my pussy on his dick any day and twice on Sundays.

  • mmafan27

    3 years ago

    @boy4dad More like, probably these underage girls lie about their age, because they like older men.. Then when the girl gets found out to be having sex, they panic and freak out, and tell more lies about "how they were pressured into it".. Who pays the price though? The guy.

  • matsudaseiko

    3 years ago

    he can have sex with me ^_-

  • boy4dad

    3 years ago

    Ah yeah, what a sexy registered sex offender who had sex with underage girls in a position of power... Don't spread this guy's stuff :/

  • chucksteak

    3 years ago

    Do visit him at