Brotherly worship

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  • 20eagles

    2 months ago

    The kind of brother I would want for Xmas....

  • inkmage

    3 months ago

    Need facial hair, might make the faces look a bit less weird.

  • nipman250251

    5 months ago

    HOT!!!! Are these two really brothers?

  • HerrDoom

    8 months ago

    Holy crap, I wasn't ready for how beautiful and powerful-looking this guy is! I am... In awe.

  • muscledudemail

    9 months ago

    These two get hotter n hotter in every new vid. I know the guy in front as Armando. Hope they keep climbing steps towards sex soon. Love them!

  • richardjasper

    10 months ago

    I like the size difference.

  • thetallg

    10 months ago

    seems as though he has disappeared off the face of the earth from flex4me and thebestflex. too bad, i would have bought this one for sure

  • evanprice

    10 months ago

    The one in front is known as Den on Flex4Me. I think I've also seen him referred to as Armando, but not sure where. His tattoo reads Ma vie Mes Regles (My life my rules, I guess).

  • iloverimmingmuscle

    10 months ago

    Who are these guys?