Nate Morton Poses

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  • jb

    8 years ago

    wonder what he is up to and what he looks like today.

  • Clezentaine

    11 years ago

    @zaher That pics link certainly shows Nate looking uncharacteristically slimmer, so I wonder whether those pics date from before or after his online video career? It isn't clear within the link.

  • zaher

    11 years ago

    In parts of this video he actually looks bemused/scared by the body he's created, such as at 00:16, 00:48 and 01:23. Nate had a mega impressive look, don't get me wrong (I'd definitely have a go on it), but I think he was fairly roided to have reached this state. This überbuilt body wasn't necessarily natural on him. You should see some photos since his heavy training days..


    3 years ago

    Lol wut

  • Foxshadow

    12 years ago

    not gonna lie. I jizzed to this

  • pecs

    13 years ago

    I want to feel his rock hard biceps and rub his delicious chest while he bounces his pecs.

  • ayakitayama

    14 years ago

    really one of the hottest out there

  • jpatron98

    14 years ago

    Give me one night with this dude to fuck the shit out of him!

  • Lastalot

    15 years ago

    Cute, cute, cute.