The Jim & Nate Workout pt 1

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  • Cum4muscle

    2 years ago

    In this video they act straight just flexing for each other, but I can tell you that in private or in the gym they go to, they go late at night and they go in the sauna or steam after pumping like you see in this video, but in the steam or sauna they flex naked with huge boners letting the boys in there to jack their cocks watching them and they Cum watching hard cocks all around them and seeing boys moaning and saying how big and hot the 2 boys muscles are and then Cum then explodes everywhere

  • Cum4muscle

    2 years ago

    I’m a bodybuilder that loves muscle. What’s so hot about this video is they love watching each other flex. And the pumping with 55lb weights is fuckin hot seeing their biceps getting bigger and the veins popping out is fuckin boner making. I would love to do a muscle worship sex video with these 2 hot boys and other smaller ripped boys flexing then jacking then licking those boys huge biceps and then squirting hot Cum on those Gunz and boys lick that muscle building Cum off!!

  • Anonymous

    8 years ago

    Terrible camerawork!!