Big Eddie, Armed & Beautiful

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  • Kayakman1986

    2 months ago

    He was a frequent fantasy subject of mine on cold Northern nights..

  • jaycutlerf

    1 Year ago

    I loved him in WBF and I love watching these Jay Cutler Types

  • peccoach

    1 Year ago


  • mayena

    1 Year ago

    One of the bodybuilders I used to jack off to in my younger years during the early 1990's.

  • davidgantt

    1 Year ago

    Wow! Eddie Robinson was amazing! I wonder what he's doing now?

  • Gabe123

    1 Year ago

    My first crush.

  • Musclejacker

    1 Year ago

    Muscle Training Illustrated magazine LOVED him! Also Franco Santoriello and D'Marko Blewett. The innuendo in their photo captions made me cum.