Eddie Camacho: Big Muscle Intimidator

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Latin muscle stud Eddie Camacho flexes and trash talks for an admirer in a warehouse. Eddie verbally and physically intimidates as he demands you to worship him, stripping from jeans and a wifebeater into tiny black posers. Hot and sweaty, Eddie peels off his posers and reveals his huge flaccid dick and muscle butt. Flopping his big dick against his hand, he demands you to get on your knees and admire him.

jjblue Avatar

Awesome Eddie Camacho in action.

by jjblue (5 years ago)
ohyeabro Avatar

fuck man!

by ohyeabro (5 years ago)
gappythree Avatar

The magnificent Mr Camacho who would never EVER have to demand me to do anything as I would be available with mouth OPEN, legs OPEN, manhole OPEN and anywhere he wanted to shove that meaty cock of his.

by gappythree (5 years ago)