MUscle worship

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  • zudikoben

    11 months ago

    Not my type at all.

  • zynbad

    1 Year ago

    Wish a better-quality of this video was out there...

  • Andy2607

    1 Year ago

    still nothin hotter

  • rubbvigo

    2 years ago


  • bikerdad69

    2 years ago

    As a leather man my entire gay life, started there, this HOT man is the epitome of one's dreams. Damn, he excites me beyond belief. OMG

  • Anonymous

    3 years ago

    This guy has an AMAZING body. Would love to see more of him.

  • jnsman4u

    3 years ago

    Hope to see more of this guy. Mssed opportunity, Real hot man here who loves to pose and show off, with a lot to show. Too bad the film quality is so bad cause you want to see more. Hope you choose to make another so we can enjoy every inch of your amazing muscular physique. Look forward.

  • Oblivimark

    8 years ago

    naw, peekay. greenmask is annoying as can be. CAN YOU EJACULATE YOURE SEMEN? Really? Every vid you post, its the same comment... Who taught you enrish? LOL Get a life

  • jimmyhankjr

    9 years ago

    I think it's Andre Santos posing as Tough Chuck.

  • jimmy2

    9 years ago

    oh fuk. nothin better.