My huge muscles being worshipped

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  • pauzaoduro

    6 years ago

    I love how he lets other man feel his muscles, different of so many "manly hunks" who pretend they are always heterosexuals, and only do videos alone...

  • ellobro

    9 years ago

    Ugly face, over roided judging by the acne, and just plain corny in his videos "Oh yea worship those huge muscles!" GET REAL!

  • muscleg

    10 years ago

    what a roid queen! that acne and fem thanks.

  • muzzles

    11 years ago

    he's a bit camp, and that acne can only mean one thing!!! Nice body tho!!

  • 21156

    11 years ago

    god he's ugly!

  • jpatron98

    12 years ago

    Sexy dude. Ripe for fuckin!!

  • mike4xxl

    12 years ago

    so hot guyz

  • bbwannab

    13 years ago

    Brendon you are so hot!!! I would love to see you get f**king massive!!!

  • muscleworship

    14 years ago


  • Leatherwarlock

    14 years ago