Branch Warren posing and Photoshotting

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  • gremlin8

    7 years ago

    This is real muscle worship material.

  • glorious9er

    10 years ago

    Just enjoy 2:48 (incredible lat spread) or 3:12
    those glorious quads Gotta agree w/PhilGinster

  • muscledudemail

    11 years ago

    OMFG, how can someone like him exist??? sure im dreaming!

  • gappythree

    11 years ago

    I always have to pinch myself to realise that this man is only 5'6"/7. Those thighs are not thighs they are tree trunks and to have my face crushed between those magnificent glutes would be a pleasure.

  • framer

    11 years ago

    would love to see him 15 years younger

  • pilates01

    11 years ago

    I hope he doesn't eat the volume of his muscles at every lunch it will cost me a fortune

  • whywhy88

    11 years ago

    He is Amazing!!

  • alcub

    11 years ago


  • PhilGinster

    11 years ago

    THAT my fellow muscle fans, is as near perfect a male physique as you're ever going to see anywhere on the planet, wow wee !!

  • Mattsboy

    11 years ago

    My preferred form of death would be to have my head between those immense thighs and to have the life squeezed out of me. Morbid, but what a way to go!