Branch Warren Pumping and Posing 2009

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  • Brother1ray

    3 weeks ago

    Incredible muscle action here, just jaw-droppingly hot and hard!

  • JockBlue

    3 months ago

    This video gets me hot and strokin' every time I see it.

  • bigpecs

    4 months ago

    OMFG, those pecs have got so much meat it looks like it is going to burst thru the skin

  • bibearfan

    8 months ago

    As if Branch weren't enough, check out all the studs wandering in and out of view....Best. Cumatorium. Ever.

  • HandsomeX

    10 months ago

    Those pecs! Oh, those pecs!

  • newrobbie

    1 Year ago

    he is the ultimate muscle GOD by far. and those legs and calves and forearms.

  • JockBlue

    1 Year ago

    He was at his best in this classic video. Love the tongue action.

  • daleo4

    4 years ago

    Branch looks amazing here

  • johntlewis

    4 years ago

    Always the best, Tink.

  • gremlin8

    4 years ago

    I find it hard to believe that this was in 2009. Compare to the footage from the 2009 Olympia and it seems impossible. He was so very good looking when he was younger. He is still very sexy, but in an entirely different way. He was still cute then.


    12 months ago

    It was 2001 in this video