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Canadian BB Bruce Patterson Bends A Bar

glorious9er Avatar

Yeah, legs are tree trunks But his quads are clearly better developed than his calves Great glutes Nice to hear his voice Rightly proud to show us admirers what he's got !

by glorious9er (6 years ago)
STOPHIE2011 Avatar

I want it up the ass from him

by STOPHIE2011 (6 years ago)
musclemax081 Avatar

imprecionante, podria reventar ese jocktrap!!

by musclemax081 (6 years ago)
TonyMaxim Avatar

Bruce is still one of my favorite, sexiest bodybuilders ever.

by TonyMaxim (7 years ago)
bloktut Avatar

Nice to hear the voice; sexy as hell like the rest of him though I don't always understand what he's saying. Would have loved to watch him bending the other guy.

by bloktut (7 years ago)
josephviv101 Avatar

Was lucky to train with this man in Montreal once.. Incredible guy and Huge all over..

by josephviv101 (7 years ago)
mjolesko Avatar

I call this one of bodybuilding's sad stories. Great physique back in the 80s & early 90s but seemed to lose focus. A little gay porn... a little nude physique modeling... a tiny dick. He was one of my first muscle crushes.

by mjolesko (7 years ago)
Caldonia Avatar

Bruce is awesome. He doen't mind showing his junk. He's got it.

by Caldonia (7 years ago)
thankyouagain Avatar

he sure fills out a jockstrap nicely.
when he flexes his lats, he looks like he could
take off in a stiff breeze like a kite.
incredible bubble butt & thighs - love it when
thighs rub together & you can't see any light.
would be fun playing with this giant!

by thankyouagain (7 years ago)