big, meaty pecs

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wanna touch them, lick them, suck on my nipples? i´d love you to do that!!

musclegage255 Avatar

so amazing

by musclegage255 (2 years ago)
Tannenbaum54 Avatar

Would be happy like a baby to suck them, for hours!

by Tannenbaum54 (2 years ago)
Musclebruh Avatar

Ich liebe es sehen Ihre Muskeln Videos Meister Germanduilder !!!

by Musclebruh (2 years ago)
onebigguy Avatar

Germanbuilder is a perfect man.

by onebigguy (4 years ago)
flower Avatar

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by flower (5 years ago)
762rob Avatar

I really want to suck on your big nipples

by 762rob (5 years ago)
billykeith123 Avatar

Hell Yeahs....
all those vintage wrestlers like The Barbarian, Ivan Kolof and many others!! ....My PEC GOD, are you familiar with the Wrestling Von Erics, Kerry Von Erich
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billykeith123, Dallas, Texas, we spoke on phone a couple of years ago. (Sexy Voice)...mmmmmMMMmmm...

by billykeith123 (5 years ago)
pls84 Avatar

damn them nice

by pls84 (6 years ago)
Devyn Avatar

Those big beautiful muscle pecs need constant attention-and those muscle tits are the very best-and probably tastiest.

by Devyn (6 years ago)
jam2tek Avatar

Yes,Yes,and Yes

by jam2tek (6 years ago)