big muscle

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big muscle

MatCZ Avatar

He is really hot massive monster..

by MatCZ (8 months ago)
rob2005 Avatar

Bodybuilders do get a certain degree of sexual arousement / kick as they flex and exhibit their hard earned muscle mass.

by rob2005 (9 years ago)
jaycutlerf Avatar

Damn he's the sexiest Arab Muscle Man I've ever seen! I love his ass and his pecs!

by jaycutlerf (9 years ago)
gappythree Avatar

Wow what a whopper feelbody78 seems to find these big men from somewhere.. THankyou feelbody78 for your input.

by gappythree (9 years ago)
mjolesko Avatar

Mustafa Mohamed! Those tits and thighs! Why did he stop competing? He just disappeared from the competitive scene.

by mjolesko (9 years ago)
markhj Avatar

He is magnificant! He just needs to pull his trunks down and let me lick his balls while he poses! NOTHING HOTTER THAN A HUGE BODYBUILDER WITH A TINY DICK!

by markhj (9 years ago)