D'Marko Blewett at 1989 NPC USA

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Hot Muscle Daddy at 1989 NPC USA backstage pump room

In an era of incredibly sexy and good looking musclestuds, this guy takes sexy and manhood over the top. He is totally wreaki ng manhood and has the young guy really worked up and wanting big daddy real bad

by (1 year ago)
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Sexy bodybuilder.. he didn't seem to compete much back in his day

by (2 years ago)
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thickgoat Avatar

One of my all time favorites with those great nips of steel! too bad he died so young - a shame.....

by thickgoat (7 years ago)
marine10 Avatar

Love him, the speed is going way to fast. Is it possible for you to reload. Thanks.

by marine10 (7 years ago)
rscmrcmd Avatar

One of my all time favs. Thanks for posting.

by rscmrcmd (7 years ago)
johntlewis Avatar

Sorry about that. Been having problem with videos showing speeded up.

by johntlewis (7 years ago)
shelgr3 Avatar

Thanks for this vid, although too bad it's at double speed. I always thought Blewett was super hot. I would have given anything to suck on those nips.

by shelgr3 (7 years ago)