Wrestling IV

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Marco Rossi versus Nick Steel(TJ Cummings),

Still love Marco's big muscular legs and uncut penis!

by (1 year ago)
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nipman2 Avatar

Socks? Would be much hotter without them.

by nipman2 (2 years ago)
ufuk Avatar

White socks look funny...Wish he took it off beforehand.

by ufuk (3 years ago)
Musclelver Avatar

Great asses guys.. Hot!

by Musclelver (5 years ago)
bloktut Avatar

Loved how Marco was seen smiling and sometimes laughing as he squashed TJ. One thing though, what's with the socks?

by bloktut (7 years ago)
paokgio Avatar

vote for the best muscle man ( models from muscle hunks,powermen and muscle gallery)
there are 19 groups until now and the first 5 models from each group will qualify to round 2
please vote to all groups

by paokgio (7 years ago)
mcgeemcgee Avatar

nohat333, the name of the video is fantasy fight 22 from bg enterprises.

by mcgeemcgee (7 years ago)

Whew! This is a hot video! The guy plays around with the other until he gets that long bear hug on him and ko's him. A real fantasy come true!

by (7 years ago)
nohat333 Avatar

what's the title of the full movie. i want to find it.

by nohat333 (7 years ago)
mayena Avatar

I studio is BG Enterprise. So Marco Rossi was 30/31 and Nick Steel/TJ Cummings (Nick DiRuscio) was 20/21 during the filming.

by mayena (7 years ago)