Tom Katt Live Show

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  • Luvbutts

    3 years ago

    Interesting. Married to a woman..? That poor woman..

  • Luvbutts

    3 years ago

    He is a very beautiful man. Gay then and gay now no matter what he says he is married to a woman.

  • Luvbutts

    3 years ago

    He was and still is a very beautiful man. He is a gay man through and through irrelevant to now he is married and a Christian. He must be really suppressing his feelings which must be very hard. He us one of the rare porn stars that embraced his work in the porn industry and actually smiled in sex scenes.

  • gremlin8

    4 years ago

    This is a very interesting clip.Tom Katt has had a long an varied career. I cannot say that I care for the early stuff, but this is certainly quite a find.

  • RC

    4 years ago

    I love Tom Katt and all his muscles. I still have some of his dvds. I had this show on VHS years ago. Tom Katt (David Papaleo) is now married to a woman and is a born again Christian.

  • voy4u

    5 years ago

    The original gay bodybuilder/porn star. Have loved him for years. Too bad he left the business. I wonder if he still considers himself gay.

  • johntlewis

    6 years ago

    I’d forgotten about this clip, tinkmmv. Katt has always been a favorite pornstar/bodybuilder. Glad it showed up on videos being watched.

  • trojanboy

    8 years ago

    I was at this show in London, just turned18. The BIG star was Kris Lord but there was a gorgeous guy called Rev Sutton who imho was the hottest.

  • josephviv101

    13 years ago

    Such a find. What a great Xmas present you gave us all!!! Thanks tinkmmv

  • Primemuscle

    13 years ago

    Interesting to see a video where his is acting so coy. Apparently he's come full cycle; from this to hardcore porn and now a born again Christian who is completely out of the business.