Steve Sterling Posing Outdoors

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  • jbfisher

    3 years ago

    Hadn't seen this clip in a long time and I forgot how big Steve was - BIG all over. So Hot

  • love_muscle1

    4 years ago

    his body is amazing. love the muscle and that bulge.

  • gremlin8

    6 years ago

    Gives a whole new meaning to ON THE ROCKS !

  • sidroik

    9 years ago

    I would dearly love to make love to Steve.

  • Lukastud

    9 years ago

    What a hunk he is!

  • n2hotmen

    9 years ago

    Steve was like the first mscl pornstar crush I had back in the day.
    Does anyone know whatever became of him?

  • gappythree

    9 years ago

    Mighty Meaty Matey.

  • mayena

    9 years ago

    American bodybuilder Steve McKenzie.