Vintage Steve Sterling Musclesex

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  • nipman2

    5 years ago

    Steve is a god!

  • damrons

    6 years ago

    Fuck, Steve got so huge and loved it, he reveled in his size and power.
    Great clip of him annihilating two lesser men then pleasuring himself.

  • jakehilton

    6 years ago

    Does anyone know what Steve is up to these days?

  • yortamn

    8 years ago

    Wish I could have seen him giving them sleeper holds.

  • wht4bigblk

    8 years ago

    A musclegod with a very small cock!

  • willard

    8 years ago

    Yeah fuckin get off on yourself steve! Like I do.

  • blueirish

    8 years ago

    where are all these CAN-AM vids?

  • devolver

    8 years ago

    Steve Sterling was he true definition of a "musclegod." I believe this is one of the only times he ever wrestled nude and damn is it hot!