Blake Munroe a.k.a Chris Kimber

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Here's a video of Blake Munroe, but his real name is Chris Kimber

RobRossiFan Avatar

If you look at Chris young pics (for playgirl f. ex.) you can see he was pretty small before, he did sth with his body to "inmorphasize it", he had some humble-sized butt before.

by RobRossiFan (2 years ago)
disco94 Avatar

I want to bite your butt!!!

by disco94 (3 years ago)
guydude Avatar

where's the cock?? sigh!!

by guydude (4 years ago)
schs1977 Avatar

Awesome body especially that ass. DAMN!

by schs1977 (4 years ago)
paokgio Avatar

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by paokgio (6 years ago)
RobRossiFan Avatar

Iwas waiting for this full movie for ages!! thankyou

by RobRossiFan (6 years ago)
muscleishot Avatar

OMG! That is one of the hottest asses ever! So bulbous!!

by muscleishot (6 years ago)
gerard2 Avatar

Thanks !!! Love the pouch like in the old days. More Jimmyz please !

by gerard2 (6 years ago)
josepida Avatar

Are those for real?? Wow he has an amazing, big beautiful butt ever!! I predict a great carreer for him....jejejeje...specially if he shows more that incredible butt

by josepida (6 years ago)
AxLPbL Avatar

His ass is unbelievable

by AxLPbL (6 years ago)