Con Demetriou - Bathroom Posing

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This big mountain of muscle captivates himself in the bathroom mirror and can't help but give himself (and us) a show...~

He is a stud!
I want to plow his hot ass long & deep, then breed his 'hole. :)

by (8 months ago)
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usocrazy78 Avatar


by usocrazy78 (6 years ago)
a1locjaw Avatar

Looking forward to seeing you rub one out...

by a1locjaw (6 years ago)
abidar Avatar

I think con has small penis.

by abidar (6 years ago)
a1locjaw Avatar

Con Con Con Con Con... you total tease!... grin

by a1locjaw (7 years ago)
devolver Avatar

So did you see it? How is he size wise. big, average, small? For some reason he strikes me as having a small one...

by devolver (7 years ago)
papi Avatar

actually I saw a site where he shows his dick but unfortunately you need to sign up and pay for a Goddamn credit card, I wasn't in the mood doing that you know... He's got plenty of pictures there and videos where he totally shows off...

by papi (7 years ago)
ohyeabro Avatar

finally, nude what a man, now full

by ohyeabro (7 years ago)
Musclejacker Avatar

Beautiful except for that elephantine roid navel.

by Musclejacker (7 years ago)
cajunsdguy Avatar

Nice piece of masculinity. I don't need to see the package. That ass does it for me. Them masculine hands, feet.....

by cajunsdguy (7 years ago)