muscle worship

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  • kiwi881

    7 months ago

    Great jerking material. I'd make him pose for me then force my arm up his ass

  • bravophone

    5 years ago

    adorable and great form

  • josephkitty

    8 years ago

    trust me some of the toughest young thugs are way pretty and can kick real ass more than ur 'butch' leather dudes go to the str8 bars to see.

  • gappythree

    8 years ago

    Sorry fellas, he's just a bit too pretty for me. I prefer my men big butch and on the ugly side.

  • rickur

    8 years ago

    Big, fuckable muscle butt.

  • jbfisher

    8 years ago

    Beautiful young guy.

  • Beregond

    8 years ago

    He was so pretty.

  • licker5

    8 years ago

    Jason Gallant, I believe.

  • nicepecs

    8 years ago

    who is this