Massive Blonde Bodybuilder Photoshoot

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Gorgeous and massive blonde bodybuilder Matt Miller poses and flexes in various attire for a photoshoot in a clip from Jimmy Z. Miller even models a blue mesh thong that partially reveals his big dick and huge bull balls! Later as he pulls down the back of some black mesh underwear to reveal a perfect muscle ass for the camera, a guy sitting on the sidelines is visibly excited and turned on by the big stud!

jpatron98 Avatar

That big bulge makes me hungry and that ass makes me HARD! Love the way the guy in the chair is checking him out and fantasizing about fucking him!

by jpatron98 (1 week ago)
mim Avatar

Love that gren posing trunk with the huge bulge.

by mim (10 months ago)

I wonder what the assistant does when he gets home?

by (11 months ago)
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gregjockca Avatar

Anyone who thinks this amazingly hot stud is somehow clean of anabolics (like it even matters... look at him!!) is a repulsively stupid evangelical wingnut. Go find Jesus elsewhere.

by gregjockca (1 year ago)
devolver Avatar

So maybe he doesn't juice? Not all bodybuilders do it. Some just have amazingly good genetics, spend a ton time at the gym, and follow a really strict diet.

by devolver (6 years ago)
ohyeabro Avatar


by ohyeabro (6 years ago)
TonyMaxim Avatar

Very hot! I love the big thick offseason look, like my own. Those are some huge balls, which is odd for a bodybuilder, as anabolics make your balls shrink (they do not make your dick shrink, which is an old wive's tale.) I wonder if he pumps them up like some guys do...

by TonyMaxim (6 years ago)
fire78 Avatar

Sorry guys ! Part 1 & 2 are too big to upload on the site... :(

by fire78 (6 years ago)
jacoboforlando Avatar

guy in the black shirt is so turned on LOL

by jacoboforlando (6 years ago)
Mulder Avatar

...and the rest??????

by Mulder (6 years ago)