Did somebody say vascular?

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With so many fixated on Eddie's famous monsterdong (whether in horror or lust-crazed delight), far too little attention is paid to other things about this extraordinary guy. Consider his gams, for instance! (And how many of you are even aware that we're talking about truly seasoned. rigorously maintained muscle here? Unless I'm mistaken, Eddie is in his mid-40s by now.)

A true muscle god, and as such all you muscle worshiping slaves should get on your knees and join me in jerking off to his power and superiority!

by (4 years ago)
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xychromo Avatar

roman, bear in mind that the world is full of people--men, women, gay, str8--who think the 280+lb behemoths many of us worship here are no less 'disgusting,' 'gross'--and, worst of all, fairly comical-looking.

by xychromo (6 years ago)
gappythree Avatar

Sorry folks that just looks UGLY!!!!!!

by gappythree (6 years ago)
roman Avatar

stop forcing this freak on us! He's disgusting and gross looking.

by roman (6 years ago)
ctrone Avatar

ATHLETE? No. Extreme body modification artist, Yes. Dead by 50? Probably.

by ctrone (6 years ago)

HE's 45 YO. He v got ripped muscles since ever !!! amazing athlete.

by SEXYLADY (6 years ago)
msavitt Avatar

decidedly a hunk and a half

by msavitt (6 years ago)