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Me flexing in my room, showing off my guns.

The tags ruin the look!

by (1 week ago)
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tonedom1 Avatar

Why the fuck he go all these stupid tattoos?

by tonedom1 (2 years ago)
yehboman Avatar

This guy has a youtube channel, appropriately called TattedandRipped. Some of the sexiest flexing in the universe. 140 lbs? Solid steel...

by yehboman (5 years ago)
canubearhugme Avatar

omfg what awesome bis. damm i bet u got a rib bending bearhug

by canubearhugme (5 years ago)
yortamn Avatar

Holy fuck you are awesome

by yortamn (5 years ago)
chaggai Avatar

You've got an amazing body. Love the tats!

by chaggai (5 years ago)
speedbird Avatar

dam good peak

by speedbird (5 years ago)
pudco Avatar

That's really awesome man! Great vascularity there.

by pudco (5 years ago)