Sexy Teen Ripped and Muscular Legs Progress

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Hey, In this new update I wanted to make a video to show the progress in my lower body, highlighting especially my legs, in order to show the muscles, tone and definition in my thighs and calves.<br /> <br /> I've been working so hard my legs in the gym, because I know that in the lower body legs have the lead role as they are bearing the full weight of our body, for that reason any amateur or professional athlete can forget work your legs in the gym, it is important to spend time working the legs and if possible have a special routine to strengthen and develop them in order to gain strength and endurance.<br /> <br /> I hope the work I've been doing with my leg routine is performing well and that my legs look more defined, toned, strong, athletic, and aesthetic look and harmonious with the rest of my body.<br /> <br /> If you like my videos and updates please comment, rate and subscribe, all criticisms are welcome, provided they are constructive and help me improve.<br /> <br /> Follow me on my Social Networks:<br /> <br /> Facebook:<br /> Twitter:<br /> Pinterest:<br /> Google+:<br /> Blogger:<br /> Tumblr:<br /> <br /> Blessings, Successes, Peace, Love and Good Health.<br /> <br /> :)

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