Muscle God Brendan & Joey Jordan with his buddy

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In this video, watch as Brendan's buddy worships his muscles, before Joey Jordan comes in- and he worships both of them at the same time! Full video (much more and x rated action) available on discount MYMUSCLEVIDEO saves 25% from the store.

builthorny Avatar

oh fuck worshipping, fuck someone already. Most bodybuilders fuck people

by builthorny (3 years ago)
JakeJock Avatar

This is a yawn until Joey Jordan shows up. That dude is a GOD!

by JakeJock (6 years ago)
arabstrap Avatar

I think you have some potential, but the way you present yourself in your videos is such a turnoff. I know you've been doing this for a while, but think about watching other muscle worship videos and study them. How does your bodybuilding idols present themselves in their videos? It just looks like you're trying too hard. Slow down. There's a reason why videos on are in slo-mo. And when you flex it shouldn't look like you're taking an enormous shit. Make it look easy.

by arabstrap (6 years ago)
crewuspall Avatar

As costas do cara de cueca branca tá lotada de espinhas e caroços, efeito do excesso de BOMBA!! KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

by crewuspall (6 years ago)
tocarett Avatar

Who comes home from the gym wearing just socks?

by tocarett (6 years ago)
djmarkv Avatar

Linda, is your name really Brendan. I don't comment very often, but your comments are overboard, even for this site. Take care Brendan.

by djmarkv (6 years ago)
Jake931 Avatar

when did you make this video?

by Jake931 (6 years ago)
musclelover777 Avatar

Mmmm dang, I remember when he first started out on youtube...anyone still got those old vids possibly?

by musclelover777 (6 years ago)
linda Avatar

Omg amazing Muscle god Brendan is my favorite please keep uploading more videos of this amazing gorgeous god Please many of my friends signed here to see this man pls keep upploading more videos of Muscle God Brendan Please

by linda (6 years ago)
prettythugbruh Avatar

i wish the quality was better. that shyt was hot

by prettythugbruh (6 years ago)