Muscle God Brendan and Joey Jordan Vol 2

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  • mim

    2 years ago

    Cool to see you next to a bigger guy. I really hope, oone day, we finally can meet. And I am in love with your pale skin :-)

  • Anonymous

    3 years ago

    Joey from Toronto is ugly and small

  • tallguy

    4 years ago

    brendon is such a woos....nothing about that bitch boy does it for anyone.

  • Anonymous

    7 years ago

    tres bien fait

  • awalker43302

    8 years ago

    joey jordan flexing his pecs in brandon's face is like my biggest muscle fantasy.... LUV IT!!!!!

  • zombeefr

    8 years ago


  • devolver

    8 years ago

    Yeah Brendan has some serious roid acne. Nothing hot about that.

  • arabstrap

    8 years ago

    Did Joey Jordan lose a bet or something?

  • josephviv101

    8 years ago

    Brendan had freak'in acne on the shoulders and back..Sign of too much roids.. But those blue shorts did the thing for me...

  • musclelover777

    8 years ago

    Wow! Do you have any more of Brendan's older vids? There's one in particular I'm looking for..where he wakes up late and bullies his roommate for not waking him up in time for class.