Delro at an earlier age riped and vascular

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Always entertaining, Delro from 2006. Not as big here, but still some good ripped and vascular moments

huetemann Avatar

He is a magnet for my eyes.

by huetemann (5 years ago)
JakeJock Avatar

Often stupid, but always sexy, Delro is still wicked hot. Thanks for posting.

by JakeJock (5 years ago)
jamieh1974 Avatar

thanks for posting - love delro and he looks good here

by jamieh1974 (5 years ago)
gappythree Avatar

58:39 long. I have had enough after 1:10.

by gappythree (5 years ago)
freerc18 Avatar

this is bullshit

by freerc18 (5 years ago)