Muscle Worship Bodybuilder Marco Rossi

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Musclefeeling with Marco Rossi. Part 2.

by (2 years ago)
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I love what you said Caldonia, after all this time. Hopefully 'builthorny' is in a better place now, and out of the closet.

by (3 years ago)
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Caldonia Avatar

builthorny ... I am sure whatever you have to say is important ... but your essay below is such a chore to read ... with terms like hella and chicks (1980?) and cute spellings like cuz (grammar school). The bullshit is pretty deep but I guess you have to see it in print to believe it yourself. A lot of people do not care what kind of fags you like or do not like ... or how many sluts you have to manhandle to get them to fuck you. Stuff it.

by Caldonia (5 years ago)
builthorny Avatar

Yup TJ is into men, and fucking too bad.... Now I got no desire to ever pimp one of my sluts out to him and have a night of fucking rough like we both do... But I will say TJ must know hella chicks cuz almost everyday makes a reference on how I fuck just like TJ but I been fucking sluts way before he started I I say he more copies how I eat manhandle and fuck sluts especially when I force them to ride me .. I don't like fags or guy who don't fuck pussy.... If you need both then go for it.... .

by builthorny (6 years ago)
lancelot19690 Avatar

wooofy erotics

by lancelot19690 (8 years ago)
Wildmusclelover Avatar

he is sooo close to that crutch

by Wildmusclelover (8 years ago)
GayPornLover Avatar

Anhyone knows the movie where Marco Rossi fucks TJ? I think it's an BG Enterprise movie.

by GayPornLover (8 years ago)
LordDragon Avatar

I like worship very much with sexy muscle boys

by LordDragon (8 years ago)
Devyn Avatar

Marco Rossi likes those muscle tits worked hard.

by Devyn (8 years ago)
aladdin292 Avatar

Mmmm TJ Cumming

by aladdin292 (8 years ago)