Muscle Wrestle and Worship

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  • benoitmax

    3 years ago

    I’ll wrestle him anytime!!

  • 15eagles

    4 years ago

    What a pleasure to see this rock solid stud own the poor beef, tossing and crushing him like a rack of twink meat; he displays a jaw dropping physique deserving of all the worship in the world!

  • benoitmax

    4 years ago

    Let’s wrestle!!


    5 years ago

    Post more i love the blue guy

  • abNbicepLvr

    6 years ago

    There is no way a match like this should not end with continued muscle worshiping and then at the very least a blowjob to the victor.

  • devolver

    8 years ago

    @miamikey I agree, not sure why they chose to do that.

  • miamikey

    8 years ago

    The video interruptions to hear the camera click are so annoying.

  • devolver

    8 years ago

    @muswre I would be Thunder's is pretty strict about their stuff. I almost never post even clips like this.

  • muswre

    8 years ago

    so hot - thanks for posting - can u post the entire match PLEASE!

  • huetemann

    8 years ago

    Marco is really hot. Adam is cute, too.