Raciel 7

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Full video available now at: http://www.themusclecorps.com/raciel.html<br /> <br /> The King is truly back! Hot on the heels of his spectacular comeback video, Raciel Castro, one of the hottest, most impressive and most popular bodybuilders and fitness models in the world, returns with another stunning video for The Muscle Corps that is sure to leave you awestruck once again! There are many reasons for Raciel's insane level of popularity and success and they are all beautifully showcased here! You are treated to the majestic sight of your favorite Muscle God showing off his unbelievable upper body through nonstop posing and flexing his huge muscles for you over and over again! Feeling incredibly cocky, and with good reason, Raciel breaks out the oil spray bottle early on and rubs himself down to better showcase his phenomenal physique! Raciel is truly looking bigger and hotter than ever and he knows it too! Prepare to be completely blown away by Raciel in his sensational new video that you will want to watch again and again!

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