Raciel 8

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Full video available now at: http://www.themusclecorps.com/raciel.html<br /> <br /> Raciel is finally back and if you didn't think he could improve perfection, think again! Raciel has managed to get bigger, more muscular and hotter than ever and he's definitely feeling cocky about it in his sensational new video for The Muscle Corps, one of his best ones yet! Raciel Castro is one of the hottest and most popular bodybuilders and fitness models in the world and all you have to do is take one look at him to know why! Everything you love about this insanely hot Muscle God can be found in his latest muscle showcase! Raciel kicks things off by doing a bit of lifting and flexing for you while wearing a t-shirt! He then decides to do some more curls to get those massive biceps even more pumped! From then on, Raciel flexes his huge muscles for you over and over again, both in his t-shirt and shirtless too, of course! When Raciel removes his top to reveal that unbelievable physique of his and to continue showing off to you, your jaw will drop! Filmed by his good buddy and fellow Muscle God and TMC recruit, Scott, this is one video that every muscle fan and Raciel fan will want to watch again and again! Prepare to be left in total awe over Raciel and his extraordinary new video!

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