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Muscleworship of black bodybuilder

muscleman63 Avatar

the size of the arms, wow

by muscleman63 (2 years ago)
muscleman63 Avatar

beautiful man and muscles

by muscleman63 (2 years ago)
JockWalt Avatar

Kevin Reeves aka K-Swoe

by JockWalt (3 years ago)
muscularfreak Avatar

Kev is one sexy brother!

by muscularfreak (5 years ago)
jimmyhankjr Avatar

Those pecs and traps and delts and...! And he's so handsome!

by jimmyhankjr (6 years ago)
paokgio Avatar

the voters must vote to each group for the best muscle vote per group
in every group there are 10 models and the best 5 models from each group will qualify to round 2
please vote to all the groups
thanks for your help

by paokgio (6 years ago)
hrcampo Avatar

Cómo disfrutaría a un negro como este de esclavo, dispuesto a todos mis caprichos y mis deseos sexuales más sucios.... Que rico!!

by hrcampo (6 years ago)
mikeitalian810 Avatar

would love every inch of him deep inside me.....

by mikeitalian810 (7 years ago)
eagleherc Avatar

smokin' hot

by eagleherc (7 years ago)
TonyMaxim Avatar

This dude's got uit all! Massive, ripped body; handsome manly looks; sexy voice; beleiveable script too. Most guys do such lame monologues for muscle-worship, but this is perfect!

by TonyMaxim (7 years ago)