Worship This Muscle!

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A ripped muscle stud clad in leather pants flexes and rubs his admirer's hand all over his hard bod. He then strips down to his underwear and oils himself while posing. Sorry no sound.

meatnips Avatar


by meatnips (2 years ago)

A God's God!!!!! Man on man - the striations in his pex!!! I'm speachless. Who is he? Which studio is this? I so need his fluids inside me.

by (3 years ago)
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cybercow Avatar

He looks an awful lot like a Cam4 model I have seen on recently who goes by leon_dorado Hope this is of help.

by cybercow (4 years ago)
Dandonit Avatar

PLEASE somebody find out and tell us who he is, he's quite a masterpiece!
I also remember some other worship videos about this guy with a similar (or the same?) background, posted a long time ago here on mmv.com. Could someone give me the title of those vids, please? I'm kind of addicted to this PERFECT muscle GOD.

by Dandonit (5 years ago)
TnAluver Avatar

This would have to be one of MMV's Top 100 videos (if not Top 10). If I were to pick just one video in my 'favorites' list to keep, it would definitely be this one!

by TnAluver (5 years ago)
MuscleLuvah Avatar

Is this avaliable in HD?

by MuscleLuvah (5 years ago)
lovechest Avatar

oh ya.........

by lovechest (5 years ago)
Pexlover Avatar

Wet dream for pecs lovers! He is fine.

by Pexlover (5 years ago)
azstar Avatar

OMG what a hot stud!

by azstar (5 years ago)
jmdonquijote4 Avatar

Love him, love him; got to see more!

by jmdonquijote4 (5 years ago)