Bob Paris & Rod Jackson

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Bob Paris & Rod Jackson in Theirry Mugler fashion show

PornoStuff1 Avatar

I think that this footage is from the APLA's Thierry Mugler tribute show.

by PornoStuff1 (11 months ago)
josephviv101 Avatar

Man did I have a crush on Bob... Still do

by josephviv101 (4 years ago)
mjolesko Avatar

And I recall the break up was messy and secretive.

by mjolesko (4 years ago)
Maleka1 Avatar

I was so sad when they broke up. Bob is quite a guy who now lives in BC with his partner and dog. Very spiritual and handsome as ever.

by Maleka1 (4 years ago)
mcgeemcgee Avatar

Video is bad and unclear but both were gorgeous in their heyday!!

by mcgeemcgee (4 years ago)