From the Golden Age of Trade 15

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  • bfurryman

    5 years ago

    That is one magnificent set of balls and gorgeous cock that man had!!!

  • xychromo

    7 years ago

    Today's trade? Where are they? The Golden Age (from the end to WW2 to a few years after Stonewall) was full of fresh-faced farm boys, ex-military, blue collar workers, and rough but friendly studs like ex-cons & bikers--in short, the full gamut of AMG's typical models. The Silver Age came to a close by the late 80s, and ever since, available & adventuresome str8s of the above-mentioned type have been few and far between. That party is long over.

  • samsex

    7 years ago

    Sideburns from the 70s! I wish today's trade would bring them back!