Mark Dalton showing off

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Mark Dalton

jpatron98 Avatar

Dalton was always super erotic, hot until he got too many tats and in trouble with the law.

by jpatron98 (10 months ago)
mim Avatar

Wow. super hot. He was the muscle-hero of my *Pornkindergarden" :-)

by mim (11 months ago)

great video

by (4 years ago)
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thomascarmichael2 Avatar


by thomascarmichael2 (5 years ago)
tigger598 Avatar

I bet Zeb Atlas jack off to this video all the time.

by tigger598 (6 years ago)
jeffhemms66 Avatar

Mark Dalton is HOT, thats a give in, but what keep me coming back for more is the way he movies; sooooo sensually. I love that most about him, he hypnotizes me with his body movment. My cock follows his every movement :)

by jeffhemms66 (8 years ago)
whiteballs85 Avatar

The first 1:17 of this video was on youtube about 4 years ago. It was my favorite for a while, until they took it off youtube. :(. It took me so long to find this again, though this version is even better because of the last 5 minutes :)

by whiteballs85 (8 years ago)
Rufino-top Avatar

great video

by Rufino-top (8 years ago)
Rufino-top Avatar

love that video. great

by Rufino-top (9 years ago)

GREAT VID!!!!!!!!!!!

by (9 years ago)