After the workout

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The last guy left in the gym at closing time, French-Canadian beauty Christian Power finishes up his routine and joins club manager Emiliano in the shower room. (These excerpts are from the first part only of a hot new video, so stand by for the rest of the action.)

phreddie Avatar

Without warning, they have disallowed downloading completely--even to paying and uploading members.

by phreddie (2 years ago)
builthorny Avatar

one of the hottest bi guys ive ever picked up and did a 3 way with.

by builthorny (2 years ago)
xychromo Avatar

He's almost literally that. He looks like great Jove himself--ruler of the gods in Greco-Roman mythology. (And if they were still making the sword-and-sandals epics that turned such handsome BBs as Steve Reeves & Mark Forrest into movie stars, some alert producer would have signed up CP for such roles already.)

by xychromo (3 years ago)
JakeJock Avatar

Thank you for posting. Bodybuilder Christian Power is a god!

by JakeJock (3 years ago)
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by ancaeus (3 years ago)