Hot Muscle back flexing

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Hot Muscle back flexing

gremlin8 Avatar

Such a sexy back. I would have loved to have seen the whole body.

by gremlin8 (3 years ago)
Rasslebear Avatar

Hell yes, would love to see a front double bicep pose from this monster.

by Rasslebear (5 years ago)
biceptaper Avatar

If he looks this good from behind, let's see what the front view looks like!

by biceptaper (5 years ago)

WOW... who is he and where can I find HIM?

by (5 years ago)
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TonySilva Avatar

Too much ink.

by TonySilva (5 years ago)
gabrielsantos Avatar

I masturbated to this video.

by gabrielsantos (5 years ago)