Raunchy Wrestling: Nude Round

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Second part of the Jake Drummond vs Dane Tarson match from Zeus's Sex Fights. Both hairy studs start out buck naked in this round, with their big flaccid dicks flopping around. After being dominated and submitted by Jake in the first round, Dane hopes to make a comeback. But Jake is clearly out to claim Dane's ass, and some very hot and erotic nude submissions make this round an eye popper. When Jake inevitably wins the round, it's time for Dane to give up his ass to the victor! Watch Jake fuck Dane in the final part: http://mymusclevideo.com/52960/raunchy-wrestling-sex-round/#.VYvWP0bldko

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Oh, Jake!

by Dick_Goldberg (2 months ago)
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A lot of delicious man-pussy here!????????????

by jpatron98 (1 year ago)
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by huetemann (4 years ago)