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  • awemscl

    4 years ago

    aaaaah! my type!!

  • gremlin8

    6 years ago

    He has really got the X factor.

  • glorious9er

    8 years ago

    Great symmetry

  • paokgio

    8 years ago

    please i need your help and your voting
    vote for the best muscle man (from powermen,muscle hunks,muscle gallery and jimmyz productions)
    every group has 10 models and the first 5 models will qualify to the next round
    vote to all pages and groups
    thanks for your help and your time

  • guiberino

    10 years ago

    Absurdo !!

  • Caldonia

    11 years ago

    an awesme display of a truly incredible body ... and he knows how to tease me.

  • genghizkhan66

    12 years ago

    Hey, isnt this guy "White bull" ? From the white bull video?

  • escalera

    12 years ago

    Were is he?

  • boogy4

    12 years ago

    what a beautiful FAG!

  • thankyouagain

    12 years ago

    look at the pecs, arms, butt & thighs on this
    monster. he is HUGE. wud love to rub down
    this brute