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Random hottie flexing in a tight shirt.

It is possible he has a Facebook page,found this by accident,whether real or fake.The name is Joaquin Fevre.

by (6 months ago)
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Is it possible this is texasholdem28?

by (2 years ago)
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Get a nose job and lose about 15 lbs of bodyfat first, you porker

by (2 years ago)
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Can SMELL this stud's alpha-sweat through the screen!! Want that shirt !!

by (4 years ago)
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LAMuscleMassage Avatar

big guns, pecs, lats and small waist..... yes PERFECTION

by LAMuscleMassage (5 years ago)
jimmyhankjr2 Avatar

I have fucked this guy so many times in my fantasies...

by jimmyhankjr2 (5 years ago)
dancer34 Avatar

Not too bad!

by dancer34 (5 years ago)
glorious9er Avatar

Fuck, yeah !!!!

by glorious9er (6 years ago)
parrhead Avatar

WOW Very HOT!!!!

by parrhead (7 years ago)
msclwrshpr Avatar

that is just crayz!
he has to be found immediately to be supported!!! :D

by msclwrshpr (8 years ago)