Young n Hung Tim K Cums

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  • brettmycles

    10 months ago

    Yes, it is true. It doesn't say the cause of his death


    5 months ago

    This is soo sad. He was such a perfect guy. :-(

  • Protonr

    10 months ago

    Guys, it’s true. He died in 2020. His real name was Anthony Michael Markley, just google it.

  • lakeunion1

    1 Year ago

    Tim WHO begins with a K ? Is he still bbuilding nd compteing! He is GORGEOUS!


    10 months ago

    Unfortunately he passed away in december 2020. He was 29, working as a gym manager.

  • nipman250251

    1 Year ago

    Hot cock!

  • Clmjigs

    2 years ago

    ❤ to suck him off

  • Cimacrater

    2 years ago

    RIP Tim. I read that he recently passed away. He will be missed.

  • keithcb2

    2 years ago

    double biceps at the end is so hot

  • keithcb2

    2 years ago

    great biceps

  • Dick_Goldberg

    3 years ago

    massive cock.

  • mim

    4 years ago

    He is my dreamguy!