Kyle Stevens vs O'Shea

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Hot Thunder Arena match where huge bodybuilder Kyle Stevens faces cocky Irish spitfire stud O'Shea. While you might think this would be a squash, don't let the size advantage of Kyle fool you as O'Shea is aggressive and knows how to dominate a muscle bull like Kyle. This is a back and forth match til the end. My fav part about this match is how Kyle's body looks like a work of musculature art here. And when he peels his singlet straps off to bare his insanely shredded abs his whole upper torso is absolutely breathtaking.

nipman2 Avatar

Kyle is fucking HOT!

by nipman2 (1 year ago)
huetemann Avatar

Mighty satisfaction. Both studs incorporate Boner City.

by huetemann (1 year ago)
mim Avatar

wow. the redhead is so cute!

by mim (1 year ago)