Aaron Shea

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Aaron Shea entertains a friend flexing his chest and veiny biceps

yortamn Avatar

@Wrestlingfan: Agreed. A video like that would be viral.

by yortamn (7 years ago)
Wrestlingfan Avatar

They did it? I don't believe it (although I really WISH for it *g*).
It's Aaron Shea - who has been popular for quite a while some years ago. If he'd really done a porn, you can bet it would be known...

by Wrestlingfan (7 years ago)
raf120 Avatar

Nice. Do you have a link Musclejacker ?

by raf120 (7 years ago)
Musclejacker Avatar

They **did** blow each other. The clip is on xtube.

by Musclejacker (7 years ago)
mppaloha Avatar

Nice. Afterwards, they probably blew each other!

by mppaloha (7 years ago)
tonedom1 Avatar

This is silly.

by tonedom1 (7 years ago)